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Welcome in Reference System "WinOrient" (further - SYSTEM) - the new version of the program "Orienta-IBM" which already almost 10 years are actively used for service of competitions on sports orientation, to ski races, cross and etc.. This version of the program - the first in family of programs "ORIENTA" for Windows. She includes all necessary functions for computer processing results of competitions, takes into account new directions in a supply with information of competitions.

the Basic opportunities

Parameter WinOrient for Windows Orienta-IBM Orienta-SI for DOS
Numbers of runners 10000 2048 3584
Numbers number 10000 6100 3584
Numbers of teams/club 10000 128 128
Numbers of classes 10000 64 64
Numbers of distances 10000 32 32
Numbers of stages 100 32 32
Numbers control on the marked distance 32 32 32
Maximal number of days in multiday competitors 5 4 4
Support of an electronic punch system SPORTIdent are not present SPORTIdent
the format of time :: and ::. :: ::
Accuracy of reception of finish 1 sec, 1/10 sec 1 sec 1 sec
The print of cards of the runner with numbers controls (for competitions at a choice) are are not present are not present
Work on several computers simultaneously are are are
Import of the data other databases are are not present are not present
Support of the mouse are are not present are not present
Reception of finish the mouse, SPORTIdent the mouse the mouse, SPORTIdent
the Automatic announcement of results are are not present are not present
Restoration of the removed sportsmen, teams, classes are are not present are not present

Conditions of distribution, the author, copyrights, support, updating

The program is distributed FREE-OF-CHARGE by a principle As is. The author does not carry any responsibility for wrong functioning of the program and the probable harm caused by operation of the program. The author of the program is Dmitry Nalyotov. On the questions arising on work of some functions of the program and with offers on expansion of functions address on e-mail: Updating of the program is possible to find in Internet on a site of orienteering: http:\\


The author expresses gratitude to everyone who supported him in creation of System beginning from DOS-versions, helped councils and ideas, and also that who took part in testing the program: to Andrey Losev, Alexey Kuzmin, Alexey Ivanov, Nikolay Kunitsyn, Alexander Kurdyumov, Alexander Medvedev, Olga Muhina, Galina Eremeeva, Nikolay Krylov, Vasily Desinov, Vitaly Vyatkin .

Requirements to a configuration of a computer

The system normally functions in the following conditions:
- A computer compatible with IBM PC/AT
- Operational system Windows 95,-98, Me or later version; (work in OS of line NT is probable at work on the rights of the ADMINISTRATOR)
- At least 500 KB on a hard disk
- For record/play of a sound presence of a sound card, a microphone, etc. is necessary. The Additional charge of disk space (on a hard disk) - 40 KB on each runners
- For comfortable works it is recommended the computer is not worse Pentium-300 or AMD K5/K6-300

Preparation for competitions

Preparation for competitions is reduced to the following actions:
- To run the program
- To establish "cap" of competitions and to bring in parameters of distances, names of classes
- To enter or edit a database
- To make a toss-up
- To setting starting times and numbers
- To save a database
- To print reports


So, we shall begin work with the program. The first, that it is necessary to make is to start the program. For this purpose make double click by a mousy on an icon of the program.
In result there will be a start of the program and you will see a window organized as the list. This list - a database about competitions:

There are 5 modes of data input:
- The information on competitions
- The data on sportsmen (F9)
- Age classes (F10)
- Teams/clubs (F11)
- Distances (F12)
- Finish (F3)

Switching of modes - a mousy on figure of a mode or in the system menu (item "View"), corresponding function key. It is possible to pass also consistently on to all modes keys [Ctrl-Page Up] and [Ctrl-Page Down].


At any moment it is possible to look the information on the program. For this purpose it is necessary to press key F1. The information contains in a file WinOrient.mht, which should be in the same place, where also the program.

Moving on a database

In all modes on a database it is possible to move on one position with the help of keys - arrows [Upwards] [Downwards] or on one screen keys [Page Up], [Page Down]. In the in the first position of base it is possible to pass pressing of a key [Ctrl-Home], and in last filled position - [Ctrl-End]. Blue color highlights the current position. Lines of green color - free lines.

Creation / editing of record (Enter)

Input or editing of the data in current positions - [Enter] or double click of the mouse. If to make the same click on a green field, there will be a window for input new the data.

Remove of records (Delete)

To remove the current record about the participant, class, teams/club, a distance, finish, contents of the CHIP it is possible a key Delete or click on an icon in the panel of tools. Thus the records which are taking place below, rise upwards. It is impossible to remove teams/club or class in which is though one sportsman, it is impossible to remove a distance if her uses though one class.

Undo of the removed records (Ctrl-Z)

To restore casually removed record it is possible a command "UNDO". If you are in an operating mode with participants it is possible to restore the runners if in club/team - that club, etc. The numbers of steps of undo is not limited. You can return to an initial file (if only deleted the data).

the Information about competitions

To begin input of a database I advise to start with input of the information on competitions.

In a dialogue window specify the name of competitions, the main judge and the secretary, a place and date of carrying out, chiefs of distances (up to 4 person) and a kind of competitions - the set direction, the marked line. If competitions - go-ahead give a corresponding mark.

Teams/clubs (F11)

In the appeared window specify the name of club/team and (at the request of) the team leader, the address for communication and e-mail.

Input of parameters of distances (F12)

In this window specify the name of a distance (do not want to invent - name simply D1, D2 ), number of controls, length of a distance in METERS, climb, maximum limit time in minutes, the chief of a distance (from 1 up to 4), quantity of allowable crossings of finish (by default - 1) and number of a starting box for map. If you plan to use electronic punching system, the order of passage is required still. Input control divide pressing [Ctrl-Enter]. The order of passage can be useful and for a printing of cards of the runner (if there it is specified to print numbers control).

Classes (F10)

In the appeared window specify the name of class and in the dropping out list. Choose the name of a distance which sportsmen of class run. For convenience of calculation of a starting payment it is possible to bring in 4 sizes of a starting payment.

Runners (F9)

In the appeared window specify a surname, a name of the sportsman, choose class, the category, year of a birth and club/team. If the sportsman participates personally or hors concours, put corresponding labels.

The help: in dropping out lists you can quickly rise on a position beginning with any letter. For this purpose simply press the first letter of a required word. In Russia to each sportsman qualification is given, herit is possible to specify qualification of the sportsman quickly: 0-whithout, 1-1yunor, 2-2yunor, 3-3yunor, 4-I, 5-II, 6-III, 7-pretendent to master, 8-master, 9-international master, *-expert. In a dialogue window there are still additional fields - number of the runner, starting time, a running / stage and number of a SPORTIdent-card. You can fill in these fields independently, but in the program there are means for automation of input of these fields.

Some councils and remarks

Usually applications for participations act from teams or clubs. For work with such applications there is an opportunity of automatic filling of some fields: club/team, classes, stage. For this purpose we shall do the following actions: we shall choose itemView/filter (F2)(see further). In the appeared window fill in those fields which should be filled automatically, and the others leave free. After pressing button " Search " you or receive the list of sportsmen if with such data already there are sportsmen, or appear at the clean screen. Now can start data input. Usually for small teams it is enough to specify in "filter" only club, and for teams with a plenty of participants in any class - also class.


The filter - convenient means for search on several to attributes - to club/team, class, a distance and etc. Specify necessary parameters and press "Find". If there are sportsmen with such the data you will see corresponding the list.

Find (Ctrl-F)

If you to be necessary to find any concrete runner on a surname or number use find ([Ctrl-F]). If you should find somebody on a surname type some first letters of a surname. If it is necessary to find the sportsman under number simply dial the number this sportsman.

Search will be made since the current position of the cursor in a database in view of attributes of search, therefore it is desirable to make before it search on attributes with all empty fields.

The repeated call of search will continue this operation is farther...

It is possible to try once again...

the Toss-up (Mixing)

If your database is generated, it is possible to start a toss-up. For this purpose do for the class chosen you (or distances, classes, running) operation the FILTER. Now before you the list of all sportsmen from this class (or running of any class). Choose in the menuthe Service - toss-up].

If at competitions, for example lasting many days or elite, sportsmen are divided into classes or runnings, set check this item. If it is necessary, that in reports there were no successively sportsmen from one club/team, set check item "with the account team". Thus the program according to rules of competitions will rearrange sportsmen places if it is necessary. If thus running was taken into account can arise a situation when on borders of runnings people are interchanged the position. Anything terrible in it is not present - all strictly by rules. After that the report is once again checked on correctness and if there are mistakes, the corresponding prevention{warning} is given out.

Arise such situation can, if in to class 20 person, from them 11 - from one club.

Assignment of numbers (F4) and starting times (F5)

After a toss-up it is necessary to set runners starting time and number (if competitions lasting many days - only time). To do it it is possible either automatically, or manually. For automatic assignment of starting time choose corresponding item in the menuService:

Time of start of the first sportsman it is underlined in a format of MM or HH:MM:SS. In the second field the starting interval is underlined in the same format. If in any class there will be a start on 2 (or 3) the person in one minute do an interval all the same 30 or 20 seconds, and then seconds can "be rejected" withService - reject of second

It is possible to specify a negative step times or numbers

By each call of assignment of numbers or times the condition is remembered and the following assignment continues to give numbers or times "NEXT".
After assignment of numbers by all pair numbers.

Open and save, creation of a new database

As at deenergizing a computer all data are lost, they are necessary for keeping. To make it it is possible by a call of item of the main menu the File. I advise to perform this operation more often.

To write down (Ctrl-S)

To open (Ctrl-O)

To create new (Ctrl-N)

Work on finish

The report of finish will consist of number and time.

Fixing of time is made right the button of the mouse.
Very important remark: fixing will take place only if the index of the mouse is above a working field of the program. To forbid/resolve an moving of the mouse for limits of this field it is possible with the help of a key Scroll Lock. If it was required to correct time of finish or in general to enter him manually, press a key "~".

To fix times it is possible irrespective of input of numbers: it is possible to enter all over again numbers of finishing participants, and at the moment of finish to press the button, or on the contrary (at finish of "steam locomotive"), all over again to press the button of finish, and then slowly to enter numbers of finishing participants. If you will dial the number, which is not present in the report of start (as a result of a mistake) instead of a surname in the report the line will appear is not present in the report, and the result of this runner is not counted up. There are mistakes and other sort - for example, pair number in the finishing report (it happens at bad numbers, or at unqualified participants when the person passes through finish some times). In this case the program in a column #quot; îÑßÔ#quot; in "(x)"will specify, how many this sportsman has passed time through finish, and place it will be designed among those, who as much time has passed through finish. It allows at competitions, where the sportsman repeatedly passes through finish, to declare correct result. (On ski competitions #quot; -æÔ¡n#quot; sportsmen passed through finish of 14 times and many have already lost count, how many circles they have passed).

Set of number - simply dial the number the sportsman also press [Enter]. If it is necessary to correct number typed earlier, press [Enter] once again and correct on valid.

"PLUS" in a column "SOUND" Specifies that result of the sportsman has been declared with the help "Autoannouncements", see further.

Autosave of finish

In a mode of reception of finish probably to use a mode of autosaving: at fixings of time or set / editing numbers ALL database enters the name, as as if you have pressed [Ctrl-S] (To keep). So as this procedure occupies any time on slow computers probably dDelay of work, therefore you can tTo include or switch off this mode.

the Mark, work with marked

In the DOS-version of the program convenient means of work - a mark has appeared. Any sportsman (and now and club/team, class or a distance) it is possible to note, having pressed a key [Insert]. Thus near to a serial number appears attribute of a mark - a double daw.
If it is necessary to note all current sportsmen, all classes, clubs/teams or distances press on the digital keyboard a key "+" to remove a mark it is possible a key "-". Sometimes there is a necessity to invert a mark, that is to remove a mark with already marked and to establish a mark on earlier not marked. It can be made a key "*". With marked by sportsmen it is possible to do the following actions: to use the expanded search on attributes. In a window "Filter" there is a choice: to not take into account a mark by the search, only marked, only who does not have mark.

With the help of item of the menuService - work with marked it is possible to setting classes, stage. At a printing of reports, "chess-list", extracts and cards of participants the seal ONLY MARKED is possible. The mark is convenient for using, when it is necessary to unit in the starting report any classes, distances, etc.


If at you in to system it is established more than one printer and you should print on the printer, not being printer. Choose necessary in the menuFile/printer

Start list

Here you can choose where to print - on the printer or in a HTML-file which it is possible to use for the publication in the Internet or for subsequent editing, for example in Word (Microsoft Office, since version 97, supports HTML-files).
If you will specifya HTML-file, after record file it will be automatically open for display and, probably, seales.
also who is possible specify should to get in reports (if you uses big base, and for competitions - only its part). If in classes there are not enough sportsmen, with a view of the economy of a paper can clean a check box "each class / distance with new page".
If you use electronic punch systemSPORTIdent,that for a printing of numbers of cards/chips set a checkbox.

Printing of extracts from the start list

Here it is possible to specify, for whom it is printed extract - for any clubs/teams or for the current sportsmen, that is those who was it is found by last operationthe FILTER

Print of cards of the runner

Choose, whom to print, as well as at print of extracts from reports.
If you have already brought in parameters of a distance, the numbers of cells in a card can undertake from these data. If you yet have not brought in these numbers control of a card in all classes were an identical format specify numbers of cells. In a line in a card 9 cells are printed. In a card, also, it is printed not less than 2 cells "R" (reserve).
If you carry out competitions at a choice and have specified the order of passage it is possible, that in cells would be printed not 1,2,3, but 31,32, etc. It is possible to print and the information: 1 (31), 2 (32), etc.


"Chess-list" - the special service report, allowing to estimate loading on start. For this purpose in parameters of distances the starting corridor (should be specified on the West usually it is number box with maps.If at you one corridor, specify it.

The important remark:
If you have not specified to any classes a distance sportsmen of this class will not get in "chess-list".
The printing directly from the program is not stipulated, but you can allocate everything, that you interests (a mousy or a combination of a Shift-arrow), to copy in buffer of an exchange (Ctrl-C.) be then switched or start, for example, Word, and there insert from this buffer. If in Word selecting all, setting is font "Courier...". In this font all letters have identical width.

The Information of credentials committee

The given information is necessary for meeting of team leader.

After pressing "OK" the system will request you a name of a HTML-file for the information.

The report includes data on numbers of runners on classes, the list and numbers of runners in team/club, structure on qualification, etc. The report can be corrected for the report in any HTML-editor, including in WORDe.

Results list

Options in this window - almost same, as well as at a seal of starting reports. The items{points} shown by grey color, are not realized yet though were in the DOS-version. Soon they will and in the given version of the program.

If you will specifya HTML-file after creation of a file he will be automatically open for display and, probably, seales.
Item "To print only ### the first" it is intended for a seal of reports only with leaders, it is convenient at use of a conclusion in a HTML-file. You receive the report in which in each class will be no more ### lines. If it is specified "0", this item is ignored.

Import other WDB-file

It is possible to import the data from the WINDOWS-version, for example for association of the data with other database. For this purpose it is necessary to answer some times only "YES" or "IS NOT PRESENT".

Import of a CSV-file

File / import...

For import of the data other programs it is possible to take advantage of import a CSV-file. It - a text file in which fields of the data are divided by semicolons.
the Example of a line:
H14; Ivanov Ivan; Moscow; 7; 83
Qualification is designated the same as and at data input (in the resulted example 7 = pretendent to master).

Removal/restoration of sportsmen

This dialogue window is caused from the menuService/Disq/restore

Specify number of the participant, and action which should be made. In reports it is printed either result, or the reason of disqualification of the runner. If you use one database for several competitions, do not overlook to clear the reason of disqualification of runners (" To restore all "). For the same it is possible to take advantage of item Service/preparation of finish...

Special filter

In a mode of base it is possible to take advantage of two special filters (the Kind / special filter):

For the second, most necessary filter do not overlook to bring in lists of not started sportsmen with a mark " To add /start. In finish " (see-/restoration). All sportsmen from a database, having numbers, but absent even once in the report of finish will be shown. To receive the list of not finishing sportsmen it is possible faster with the help of key F6.

Work on several computers: save/open of finish list

At work on several computers it is possible to act as follows - one computer to put in secretary and on him to make changes, to disqualify participants, to print reports. By the second (or a little) computers are used for finish. On each of computers the command{team}Service / keep finish(Alt-F2) is carried out, for example on a diskette to keep a file with the report of finish (only numbers and times). On a secretarial computer all these data are read and united. As you will unite the report of finish with same, but more full, it will be offered to you to remove repeating lines that I advise to make.

Work on relay

The Information on competitions is enough for work in a mode of relay race " in a dialogue box " to note "relay race". Corrected assignment of numbers very simple - at participants of a go-ahead team two last figures of number and class should coincide. A seal of reports of start and results - only through a HTML-file, after record of a file it{he} will be automatically open for display and, probably, seales.
The sportsmen of one class having identical two last figures in number are considered as one team. I strongly recommend in reports of number 1001, 2001, 3001 as then at reception of finish will dial only number of a command{team} enough, that is 1, and the program will automatically setting other figures. (For activization of this function in dialog box " About competitors " set check " To supplement up to 4 ").

Note: in the WINDOWS-version it is not necessary to appropriate{give} to participants runnings as it was in the DOS-version.
If you want, that in reports the variant of dispersion was printed, it is necessary to bring in this information with the help of menu itemService / SPORTIdent/import direct passage. On this command the text file in which in each line the following information divided by a semicolon is brought is read: number; a variant; order control. Example:
3041; ABC; 31; 32...
If a punch to check it is not necessary, the order of passage can be not brought, but a semicolon after a variant to put all the same it is necessary.

Work at lasting many days competitions

If you spend lasting many days competitions it is possible to receive the report of total results (while times are summarized). The operating procedure the following:
1. Upon termination of any day of competitions executeService /Save results for multiday. Specify a name of a file, for example 1day.
2. Do the same procedure upon ending of other days of competitions.
3. When total results will be necessary for you, it is necessary to count earlier kept given (see item 1) a commandService /Multiday/Read results multiday

All read out data are kept in a file with a database.
4. For a seal executeService / Multiday/Print of results.

The name of a HTML-file in which reports of results will be kept will be requested.
If it is marked " To export... " That will be requested a name of a file from from time to time start. It is possible to take advantage ofService - import startingto make the start list of handycap later.

Work with an electronic punhcing system

In this list - the information on the read out chips. This information can be corrected. It can be necessary, for example, if because of malfunction during competitions the station has been replaced, and at a part of participants instead of control 33 punching control 55 has appeared. It - the service mode to use him{it} it is necessary very accurately.

Now the program works with CHIPS SPORTident of versions 5, 6 and 7. While the data are kept in a format of CHIPS of version 5, that is the maximal number of marks is limited 36 though SI-6 and SI-7 allow to do 64 punchs. It will be changed only in the version of the program 2.
Reading of SI-cards - the basic operating mode with an electronic mark.
To include / switch off reading it is possible, having pressed an icon or key F8.
technical details of systemSPORTIdent:
marks are stored in the CHIP 36 control, all over again the punch is made in 30 cells where the information on number control and time of a punch is stored, then the mark is made in 6 reserve cells, number control is stored in them only. All punchs - in chronology, therefore it is always possible to check up correctness of passage of a distance the runner.
In addition in the CHIP there is a place for marks of special stations - "Start" and "Finish". It allows to do start "on ready" when the sportsman leaves on start during any time, and readout of his result begins with a punch at "Start-station". Fixing of finish probably also "Finish-station"
on each finishing runner it is possible to print a mini-sheet with all his punchs, with the decision on correctness of a mark. If the mark wrong, is meaningful to transfer the second copy of "sheet" in secretary for the answer to a question " And for what disqualified my sportsman? "
The order of passage for check undertakes from parameters of a distance or a special file. It is necessary for relay races with "FARST" or competitions " One man relay ".
Option of parameters - in the menuService - - SPORTIdent

Work with a sound

In the Windows-version the opportunity of work with a sound has appeared.
it Is made for the announcement of results as the judge - commentator at competitions frequently does not suffice, and to place him on finish there is no opportunity.
To synthesize surnames, names, club/team, etc. it is not meaningful, in fact in different languages of a rule of formation of a sound others...
For now for use of this opportunity it is necessary to make the following:
- to create folder C:-WAV, - with the helpService - - of sounds of numbersdictate in mice sounding of numbers from 0 up to 59 for minutes and seconds and from 0 up to 23 for hours.
- in a window " Parameters of the autoannouncement "(Service - - of record - reproduction of a sound)specify times for record of sounds and note, whether it is necessary to declare names of classes and club/team.

If now to include "the Autoannouncement" at finish the participant will appear, the club/team, class, result. After the announcement near to the participant in a column "Sound" will appear "+" as an attribute of that the result is already declared. To establish / remove an attribute of the announcement it is possible with the help of a mark [Insert] or a class mark [+], [-], [#].
the Announcement is made in a background mode, during the announcement it is possible to do{make} any actions, but it is impossible to edit that participant whom declare during the announcement. It is impossible to delete also lines in the report of finish above a declared position. If to you all should be edited, all over again stop reproduction, and then edit, and after again include the announcement.
If you use an electronic mark at included "the Autoannouncement" after check of a mark the result automatically appears.